Larry June & The Alchemist – Palisades, CA

American musician Larry June unties a brand new music titled Palisades, CA” kindly check out the music mp3 download lyrics below.

Palisades, CA Lyrics By Larry June & The Alchemist

Check, check
Yeah, uh
I’ma just talk my shit (Whoa)

Thumbin’ through a whole ‘nother bag, this not the old one
Run up on this ‘Rari, I’m clickin’ until it’s over
Still’ll put the snow on the mission to Minnesota
Come on, you know the drill, hop in and hand it over
I’m drivin’ in the whip so fast, I can’t control it
I’m fishtailin’ leavin’ Javier’s, I should’ve chauffeured
Choppin’ it up with Bryan ’bout real-estate by the ocean
A seamoss juice, my bitch brought me one from Oakland
Today I drove the Porsche with the automatic front limb
I spent a thousand dollars on candles, I’m at Saks Fifth
Tucked the uh (He-he) in the gas tank, played the night shift
Get on a nigga, headlight coofy for disrespectin’ it
I’m thinkin’ billions, cop another buildin’, new woop Sicilian
Thinkin’ bigger, you thought I was coolin’, I was takin’ risks
Palisades, chillin’ in the shade, might take the Bent’
Bettin’ on myself and every time, nigga, it’s a hit

We off in the Palisades, you know?
(Bettin’ on myself every time, nigga, it’s a hit)
I’m talkin’ armed guards, gated communities, man
Royal family type shit, for real (Sean Don, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)

Look, if you not gettin’ richer every year, then you just backwards hustlin’
You movin’ off emotion, I’m strategizin’, discussin’ it
See, I been on my supplements
Fish oils, chlorophyll, multis
My hair growin’ out and hoes lovin’ it
Some people can’t piece life together, it’s really puzzlin’
Talkin’ ’bout “Trust me, I got you”, but I’m not trustin’ it
Commercial real-estate by The Fox, yeah, they constructin’ it
Business flowin’ like the symphony orchestra, I’m conductin’ it
I crack my knuckles and neck, now I’m back to new
I had to cop a bitch, we not compatible
Team on the line, yeah, the love is all lateral
You can not practice for shit that’s not practical
Fuck with the tactics, this shit can get tactical
Fuck with the rations, this shit get irrational
I can not talk to you just like them hoes when they mad at you
I overwork and do shit I don’t have to do
Stumble and stagger to
Dodge all the bullets and dodge all the daggers too
Workin’ these bitches and blessing them so long
I might as well take a sabbatical
I tell the truth like a polygraph in a booth
Feel like these rappers do when they pleain’ in front of the judge
‘Cause they feel like they havin’ to
Judicial system is not a system, it’s a trap for you nigga
It’s our season, yeah, Larry June
“Sean, when you dropping?” Very soon
I get to transformin’ under every moon
When they bury me, they gotta bury tombs
I’m just one kid in
I can’t be lettin’ my seed all off in every womb
When you see me out
Just know I’m the richest, rawest, rarest nigga off in every room

Woo, man, woo (Yeah, Al what up?)
Bettin’ on myself and every time, nigga, it’s a hit (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)
Whoa, whoa, whoa
Bettin’ on myself every time, nigga, it’s a hit (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)
Ay, this might be the motherfuckin’ greatest escape

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