Rae Sremmurd – Something I’m Not

American singer musician Rae Sremmurd unlocks a brand new music titled Something I’m Not” kindly check out the music mp3 download lyrics below.

Something I’m Not Lyrics By Rae Sremmurd

[Swae Lee:]
How can I be somethin’ I’m not? (Yeah, yeah)
I guess a broken soul (No), don’t make a happy home (Hey)

If they cross me, then they’re dead to me, and they ain’t even deceased
Runnin’ through these streets and I can’t even find no kind of piece
Stripes all on the whip and I ain’t even signed no kind of lease
Headed to the top, I need a harness, ’cause the climate steep
Uh, G6 take you ’round the world, and you can make some condo
Never looked at niggas with no envy, thinkin’ that should be us
Yeah, you can never text again or you can make a fuss
I’ll just have more money, if I’m lonely with a million bucks (Bucks)
Everythin’ unfoldin’, like a chapter in a children’s book
From the window to the plane, I can tell the city crooked
I can see you in the spotlight, how you’re fuckin’ it up
Couple pretty bitches I keep with me that I never touched (Touched)

How can I be somethin’ I’m not?
I know a broken soul, don’t make a happy home

[Slxm Jxmmi:]
Questionin’ myself, like, how can I be somethin’ I’m not?
I grew from the mud, like a plant in a pot
I pop like a Jack in the box, my stock went straight to the top
Got big rocks that make the temperature drop, yellin’ R.I.P. my pops
Wishin’ I could press “Rewind” and get lil’ Michael out that box
And it’s fuckin’ with my mind, but the grind don’t ever stop
Got me prayin’ for my sunshine, oh, yeah
And I’m focused, so it’s money everywhere
My whole night was based around paper-chasin’
I’m goin’ out to Cali’ and it’s like a vacation
Fuck a red light, I’m in the Hellcat, racin’
I know them blessings comin’, but it’s hard to stay patient

[Swae Lee:]
How can I be somethin’ I’m not?
I know a broken soul, don’t make a happy home
How can I be somethin’ I’m not?

Gold T.A.s, let me take you somewhere more appropriate (Appropriate)
Purple haze, maybe we’ve been rollin’ it and smokin’ (Chokin’)
Brighter days, I remember dreamin’ ’bout this shit, yeah (‘Bout this shit)
Tidal waves, I was on one when I wrote this shit (Wrote this shit)
Got the Drac’, I’m tryna get me a billion, just like Dr. Dre
Not today, niggas tryna stop me, got ’em out my way
Keepin’ it real, free of charge, but they had to pay (Uh)
Keepin’ it G is free of charge, but they had to pay
Dirty sneaks, just from runnin’ errands, had to throw ’em away
When I lay her down at night, I pray to God my soul to take
Thirty-piece, tryna put it up, it’s time to up the stakes
Twenty pounds of money on me, I’m startin’ to think I’m overweight
My whole day was based around paper-chasin’
Send the duffel on the plane and disappear, like bae-cation

How can I be somethin’ I’m not?
How can I be someone who [?]

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