Larry June & The Alchemist – Barragán Lighting

American musician Larry June unties a brand new music titled Barragán Lighting” kindly check out the music mp3 download lyrics below.

Barragán Lighting Lyrics By Larry June & The Alchemist

Uh (The human, on and on)
What up Barragán?

We in May, in need of lobster and it’s fresh out the dot
I’m like cocaine fresh out the pot, hold on let that dry (Uh)
Y’all too worried ’bout bein’ validated, my nigga
I just made another play and pulled off on the yacht
I’m headin’ to Spain, everything was a Éxito
So after this, I’m boardin’ the plain (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)
I’m high of life, I’m takin’ international flights
I like that, then I’m coppin’ it twice
I’m in the bag coppin’ somethin’ precise
I get a load, then I’m rappin’ it right
Tuck spot with the bar gone light
I spent thousands on different collages
Street smart, I ain’t make it to college
Like the mafia, I’m movin’ in silence
Sandro Pay, I’m checkin’ my pocket
They tell my clock and after that, trackin’ these boxes, uh (Uh)

I’m foxin’ the devil, I’m on another level
Forty-deuce bezel got me on a higher echelon
This is life flex, if I stretch your arm, ring the alarm
I don’t mean no harm, kiss the ring and bless the Don
Microphone in my hand, like a napalm in my palm
If you put me in the jam, turn this bitch to Vietnam
Catch me under palmtrees, chillin’ somewhere, missin’ mom
With a bad Jon on my arm, fallin’ victim to my charm
Must have heard up on it, like a larger [?]
Like the richest man in Babylon, hate this Babylon
They don’t love ’til you dead and gone, then it’s said and done
Word is bond, so I keep it movin’, gotta carry on
Real relax, hunnid rack stash in the Cavaillon
First class with the champagne glass of sittin’ com
Pray to God, I travel long and I make it home
Born alone, die alone, but I can never say I did this all on my own

The helicopter landin’ on the ranch, woke me up
Hella loud, startlin’ my cows, all my livestock
Rollin’ my power Versace to my socks
There’s room like a quilt comfort, cozy pillow top
I ain’t so soft though, ho get it twisted bro
It’s killers out, colors go after cane when it’s in the drought
Super Saiyan, cheer myself up, I bought a S-Class
Hardtop and a rack, yeah bitch, I’m that mad
Park it with the others, I touch it one day, I’m sure I love it
908, Defender, Landrover Discover
My discography could buy all other
All the biography, one cold motherfucker
Don’t come close, don’t touch it
(Don’t come close, don’t touch it, I know what’s best my brother)

Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy

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