Kanye West – Skit #1

American musician Kanye West unlocks a brand new music titled Skit #1” kindly check out the music mp3 download lyrics below.

Skit #1 Lyrics By Kanye West

I brought you brothers here today to start our own fraternity
Broke Phi Broke, we ain’t got it
Broke Phi Broke (we ain’t got it)
No, we have no money
We are sharin’ jeans
If I go outside, I got the only clothing on
How many cars do we own? (None!)
How many cars do we own? (None, sir!)
Should we let our women go and be with the cat with the car?
(Yes, we will!)
Why? Because we can’t afford gas. Say it with me!
(We can’t afford no gas!)
Say it!
(We can’t afford no gas!)
So we ain’t drivin’!

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