Kanye West – School Spirit Skit 2

American musician Kanye West unlocks a brand new music titled School Spirit Skit 2” kindly check out the music mp3 download lyrics below.

School Spirit Skit 2 Lyrics By Kanye West

You keep it going man, you keep those books rolling,
You pick up all those books that you’re gonna read and not remember and you roll man.
You get that associate’s degree, okay,
Then you get your bachelor’s, then you get your master’s
Then you get your master’s master’s,
Then you get your doctrine,
You go man, and then when everybody says, “Quit,”
You show them those degrees man,
When everyone says, “Hey, you’re not working,
You’re not making any money,
You say, “You look at my degrees and you look at my life,
Yeah I’m 52. So what? Hate all you want,
But I’m smart, I’m so smart, and I’m in school,
And these guys are out here, um, making
Money all these ways, and I’m spending mine to be smart.
You know why?
‘Cause when I die, buddy, you know
What’s gonna keep me warm? That’s right! Those degrees.”

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