Kanye West – Graduation Day

American musician Kanye West unlocks a brand new music titled Graduation Day” kindly check out the music mp3 download lyrics below.

Graduation Day Lyrics By Kanye West

What in the fuck was that, Kanye?! I told you to do some shit for the kids! You can give me your motherfuckin’ graduation ticket right now! You give me this motherfuckin’ robe before you catch some senioritis! You will not walk across that stage! You won’t slide across that stage! Motherfucker can’t pull you across that motherfucking stage, Kanye! Who told you? See, I told you to do something uplifting! I’m tryna get you out here with these white people and this how you’re gonna do me! You know what, you’s a nigga. And I don’t mean that in no nice way. Had little kids sing about the shit—now the joke’s on you. You throw your motherfucking hands in the air and wave goodbye to every-motherfucking-body! ‘Cause you getting the fuck out of this campus! What the fuck you gon’ do now? Kanye…

[John Legend:]
I’m no longer confused, but don’t tell anybody
I’m about to break the rules, but don’t tell anybody
I got something better than school, so don’t tell anybody
My momma would kill me, so don’t tell anybody
She wants me to get a good ass job, just like everybody
She ain’t walked in my shoes, I’m just not everybody

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