Drake – Drake’s Voice Mail Box #3 Lyrics

Check out the music lyrics of “Drake’s Voice Mail Box #3″ by Drake

Drake’s Voice Mail Box #3 Lyrics By Drake

Hey, yo, Drake, you never answer your goddamn phone, huh? Pick up the phone, man. I know they got you running around, bro. Anyway, it’s all good with Socrates hooking you up, dawg. Hey, best wishes for this tape. I hope you take over the world. You know we gon’ do it. You make sure you get me on there. You call me when you need that hook, you call me when you need that beat, you call me when you need that, bro, and let’s put this whole mathematics together, dawg. Once again, it’s a whole gang from Room for Improvement, so we about to be taking over this year, right? Right.

Yo, Drake. What up? This is Keeyaga, your boy here. Um, I don’t know why you’re not picking up the phone, you’re probably out, you know, talking to Lindsay Lohan, or will be talking to Tyra Banks whatever. But, yo, check it out, it’s your boy Keeyaga. I’m just calling to say what up, haven’t talked to you in forever, indefinitely. You know, we need to go, you know, downtown Toronto, kick it together and do what we gotta do, but, uh, I gotta, you know, get off the phone because I have, you know, Beyoncé, you know, Eva Mendes all on the other line. So, yo, do what you gotta do, and holla at your boy man. All the best. Peace.

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