BigWalkDog – What You Hear, Pt. 2

American musician BigWalkDog unties a brand new music titled What You Hear, Pt. 2” kindly check out the music mp3 download lyrics below.

What You Hear, Pt. 2 Lyrics By BigWalkDog


Ha, I can flood the county, but I- (Ha)
Prolly need a newer-

You see like back then, he wasn’t having nothin’ (Nope)
He got his motivation off seeing his momma struggle
He grew up ’round his brothers, no sister (Ha), or cousin (Ha)
No daddy (Ha), no uncle (Ha), just momma (Ha), and nothin’
Man, that’s fucked up
On the block, he knew a nigga named Cutter (Phew)
He got his name off shootin’ shit, blowin’ shit off the mussel (Phew)
Got switches, he thuggin’ (Boom)
His daddy (Ha), the drug man (Ha)
The city, he floodin’
They gon’ want him for nothin’
That’s the reason every nigga in the city wanna flush him (Ha)
He run with this lil’ white dude from the county named Tucker
He broke and gutter (Ha), the plug (Ha), his brother (Ha), ain’t frontin’ (Ha) him nothin’
He ready to flush him
But he know that everybody, they gon’ say that he had snuck him (Ha)
So he put twenty thousand in the Louis V duffel (Ha)
He called (Ha) a cutter (Ha), “This mission pay double” (Ha)
He said, “A murder, no question, the target, my brother”
But see, Cutter want the bodies just for nothin’
‘Cause he be taking Percocet’s, they make him feel like Chucky (Ha)
Saw a white girl (Ha), like buffy (Ha)
Big choppas (Ha), can’t tuck it (Ha)
A Semi’ (Ha) from Russia (Ha)
The trenches (Ha), the gutter, see that where he from
Cutter gave the twenty back to Tucker (Ha)
So he go catch the body off the low just ’cause he trust him (Ha)
He seen him (Ha), he slugged him (Ha), then hopped out (Ha), then drugged him (Ha)
A grave (Ha), he dug ’em (Ha)
The trunk (Ha), he shoved ’em (Ha), then pulled out on Tucker
Cutter popped the trunk, his hands was bloody (Ha)
And he just put a body in the back of daddy Cutlass (Ha)
He said (Ha), “Yo Cutter (Ha), I thank you, my brother (Ha), you did it (Ha), you flushed ’em” (Ha)
“Farewell (Ha), big brother”, then he closed the trunk

Then Cutter hit the road, his daddy fussin’ (Ha)
And plus, it’s summer time, his daddy tryna ride the Cutlass (Ha)
Ain’t cleaned it, or nothin’ (Ha)
Now daddy (Ha) a suspect (Ha)
He pulled off (Ha), and punched it (Ha)
A shuntie’s (Ha), some thirty’s (Ha), and he keep them clean
But daddy got a call from his dog, “You gotta peep the scene” (Ha)
“And Pablo done went missin’, just go listen, see if you hearin’ a thing” (Ha)
His blood in the seat (Ha) that Cutter done cleaned (Ha)
I live out the ‘partment (Ha), he took off his ring (Ha)
That bitch on the floor, his daddy on the scene (Ha)
It must be a dream, it can’t be that ring (Ha)
He called up Cutter, said, “Meet me at Green” (Ha)
He was just in the club when he bought the lil’ cling (Ha)
Then Cutter pulled up and he dripping Supreme
Dior his shoes, and Amiri his jeans
“What the fuck did you do?” (Ha) “What the fuck do you mean?” (Ha)
“Don’t play with me Cut’ (Ha), we found his ring” (Ha)
Then Cutter be trippin’, and lyin’, and things
Said, “Daddy, we rich, don’t be buying anything”
“I’ma ask you again, where did you find his ring?” (Ha)
“This ain’t the time to be lyin’ to me” (Ha)
Off the hands of the devil, you’ll die in these streets (Ha)
“Daddy, relax, I went got it from Tee”
Went pulled up on Tucker’s, he went gave it to me (Ha)
Say, “Call lil’ Tucker, who gave them the ring?”
The ring will rural you, your tables are cleaned
Meet Pablo the plug, then Graydon the ring
His daddy, he trippin’, his phone keep ringing
He scared to hell for knowin’ these people
He know he got poles, he went by the speaker
A big four nickel, the one by the tweezers
He went to the trunk, daddy wake up to beat him
Say, “Here go, my Glock, then won’t own me, you keep it” (Ha)
Cutter on point ’cause he know that he tweakin’ (Ha, ha)
He ain’t know that his daddy was knowin’ these people (Ha)

I can flood the county, but I-
You know what I’m sayin’?
Daddy ain’t even went to the trunk yet, he trippin’
Tough shit
Cutter from the sick and evil, you know what I’m sayin’?
Get rid of the body or somethin’, man
This nigga fucked up, man
He done killed his daddy, plug
And the whole time he ain’t know that his daddy plug (Pablo go crazy for this motherfucker)
That tougher than brother
Ha, ha, I can flood the county, but I-

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