6LACK – Cold Feet

Ameican singer musician 6LACK unlocks a brand new music titled Cold Feet” kindly check out the music mp3 download lyrics below.

Cold Feet Lyrics By 6LACK

For 6LACK, for Ricardo Valentine, um
I need you to drop some more music, because I’m dyin’ over here
Okay (Happy)
Georgia’s blue, but I don’t care
6pc EP was hot
Everybody up in arms, watchin’ news
I don’t wanna think about all the lies, what is true
Free 6LACK was hot
Uh, East Atlanta Love Letter was freakin’ hot
Georgia’s blue, I feel alive
I’ve been waitin’ for somethin’ to set a fire in me
Streets still a blaze, you can cry on me

(Yeah, it’s your birthday, ain’t it? Definitely your birthday, you’re five years old)
What we need is love
Smoke one, smoke one, yeah
I don’t wanna talk

(How you feel about that? Excited, okay)
(When I grow up, I’m gonna believe in God, and I’m gonna believe in me and I’m gon’ be somebody)

Don’t you leave me hangin’, I’m the one
I know you just wanna have fun
Don’t you leave me hangin’ by the way
All you ever wanted was a fair trade
I give you a lot, you give me a lot
You turn me into a thot, I be needin’ that
On the highway, my lover, my twin
We get the racks in, she collect the back in
Been had love, I need no entertainment
Can’t be friends, what the fuck is your arrangement?
Too locked in, ’cause we still in containment
Don’t fuck with strangers, that sound like danger, danger, danger

And Rent Free is hot
By Any Means is hot
But either way, Ricardo, I need some more music
‘Cause the music is awesome and your fans are starvin’
So feed us

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